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[ Our Objective

It is the objective of the Evergreen School of Wing Chun to learn and practise the art of Wing Chun in its traditional  form as taught by the late Great Grandmaster Ip Man. It is our wish to maintain the authenticity of our martial art in the form and spirit as intended by the Grandmaster. We shall pursue the learning of Wing Chun in its purest form from wherever and whoever the knowledge can be acquired by us. It is our hope that in our enthusiasm in the pursue of our ultimate combat ability that we shall not adulterate our knowledge with non-related skills that will corrupt the purity of our roots. Using our ancestral roots for guidance we shall study the true intention of the knowledge as taught by Great Grandmaster Ip Man and we shall endeavour to constantly improve our own ability to be worthy of his teachings.

[ Our Obedience to Grandmaster Ip Man's training rules

We shall uphold the 9 training rules as set out by Grandmaster Ip Man being:

  1. To uphold the sense of honour from the teaching of martial art
  2. To understand courtesy, love for ones country and to respect our elders
  3. To maintain a cohesive and harmonious team spirit
  4. To restrain our passionate release to conserve our energy
  5. To practise our skills diligently to avoid them being forgotten
  6. To restrain our temper and avoid fighting
  7. To be sociable and pleasant at all times
  8. To help those who cannot help themselves and be sympathetic to them
  9. To propagate and preserve our ancestral teachings.

[ Our Teaching Aim

  1. It is our aim that students come to us to enjoy the learning of Wing Chun.
  2. We maintain a family atmosphere in our classes.
  3. We emphasize on the teaching traditional and authentic Wing Chun as an art form and as practical  fighting system.
  4. We advocate thorough and systematic learning of Wing Chun from the beginner level to advanced level and to encourage student progress at all times.
  5. Each lesson shall have a selection of combinations of warm up exercises, forms, combat drills, controlled combat applications or chee sau and sparring.
  6. There shall be the teaching of chinese culture, philosophy and history along with the teaching of martial art.
  7. The teaching of Wing Chun shall include  the attainment of good health and wellbeing to the student.
  8. There shall be constant awareness of the need for health and safety in our training.

[ Our Instructors

The chief instructor of our school is Sifu Hian Qui Kho.  He has been training in kung fu for most part of his life.  As a teenager he trained for many years in Hong Kong in the southern chinese kung fu style of Mantis known as Chu Gar Tong Long.  In England he learned Wing Chun under Master Samuel Kwok who in turn is a student of Grandmaster Ip Ching and also previously was a student of Grandmaster Ip Chun, both of whom were the sons of Great Grandmaster Ip Man, teacher of Bruce Lee in the Fifties and Sixties.  He has been teaching Wing Chun in the south of London for some ten years.

Sifu Kho has been certified as an instructor by Master Samuel Kwok.  He is a Fellow of the Society of Martial Arts in recognition for his long standing experience in the field of martial arts.  He is a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts and also insured by them as an instructor.  He is also a permanent member of the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association.  Over the years he has been certified by Grandmasters Ip Chun and Ip Ching to have received intensive studies of different aspects of Wing Chun.  In order to disseminate and share his knowledge of martial arts with the general public he is also a regular contributing writer in a major magazine in England called Martial Arts Illustrated.

Sifu Kho is assisted by his senior students in the different classes.  As a strict teacher he has trained many advanced students who have acquired high level of knowledge in Wing Chun.  His advanced students are well aware of the aim of the school and the standard students have to attain to be representativie of the school.  The assistant instructors have to attain a high standard of the forms and to have understood how each technique can be applied in application.  In addition they have to attain a satisfactory level of competence in combat.

[ Our Grading

We always encourage our students to progress in their learning.  Students will be graded from time to time in order that they are made aware of the level of knowledge they have attained.  The levels of grading are as follows:

Yellow - New entrant level

Red - First Level - Beginner - Siu Nim Tau Level

Green - Second Level -Intermediate - Chum Kiu Level

Brown - Third Level - Advance - Bil Jee Level

Black - Fourth Level - Instructor - Gau Lin Level

Students who have attained the relevent level according to the above grades will be awarded with a certificate stating his grade.  He shall also wear a sash of the relevant colour around his waist to indicate the level that he has achieved.

[ Our Classes and Locations

Please contact Duy Pham-Thanh at sifu@be5t.co.uk for details. 


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